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Modern applications are highly distributed and constantly changing. Every microservice extends the attack surface. ThreatMapper captures and correlates telemetry from applications and the network, and ThreatStryker provides insights into evolving attack behavior.

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Service and infrastructure discovery

Perimeter-based security measures are blind to east-west and mTLS-encrypted traffic. ThreatMapper discovers the topology of your applications and installs sensors to capture on-host and on-network events, decrypting mTLS traffic.

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Host and container integrity monitoring

Capture anomalous filesystem events such as unusual access, file creation and deletion, and executable-bit changes and catch attackers in-the-act. Monitor process events such as unexpected spawns and exits, tracing events, and process crashes that may indicate attempts by attackers to gain control.

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Attack traffic capture

ThreatMapper captures network traffic to and from all processes, or just processes of interest, and presents it for analysis. ThreatStryker matches traffic against threat feeds and regressions to identify anomalies and attack attempts.

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Lightweight instrumentation, long-term storage

ThreatMapper minimizes the impact on your production infrastructure by forwarding all application manifests and raw events to your Deepfence Console for processing and classification. Events can be stored over long-term periods to better understand attack patterns and perform detailed forensics.

Did you know?

ThreatMapper can scan artifacts in your registries, including Docker, DockerHub, AWS ECR, Azure, GCR, Red Hat Quay, and JFrog. Perform a final check on containers, pods, and third-party applications before they are deployed to production.

ThreatMapper can be embedded into your CI pipeline, inspecting artifacts at build time and blocking the build if they fail to meet your vulnerability requirements.

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