Security As a Microservice

Identified as a Representative Solution for Protecting Containerized Applications by Gartner

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Security for Containers & Microservices, Integrates With Your DevOps Tooling

DevOps Native Security

Traditional security solutions are inadequate for protecting modern applications which are containerized, distributed and ever changing. Static and monolithic security just does not work for modern application and infrastructure paradigms.

Deepfence changes that. Deployed as a microservice with subatomic footprint, Deepfence automatically discovers runtime topology including online hosts, running containers and natively running microservices and acts as a resilient distributed intrusion prevention system providing fullstack protection against known and unknown attacks.


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Language and stack specific vulnerability management and hardening for containers and hosts, integrated as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Enables compliance by quantifying attack surface and suggesting remediations.

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Automatically discovers, visualizes and monitors running services, containers and hosts. Patent pending program behavioral analysis helps detect integrity breaches for processes, containers and hosts across discovered infrastructure.

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Detects and defuses complex multi-vector attacks at runtime. Fullstack protection for your applications against zero days and known attacks without signatures and manual intervention.

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Provides ability to specify workload specific security rules and remotely examine and control tainted processes, containers, services and hosts. Helps you quickly respond to high severity alerts without ever logging into your hosts.

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