Fully managed.

Production focused.

Instant protection.

Deepfence Cloud is a fully managed cloud native security observability solution. Use Deepfence Cloud to:

ThreatStryker vulnerability detection
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Find and fix vulnerabilities across your cloud estate from a single, fully managed dashboard

Deepfence Cloud brings you the power of a comprehensive cloud native security observability solution without the added responsibility. We administer and manage all of it for you.

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Effortlessly extend your security from development through production

Deepfence Cloud provides critical runtime protection and integrates with your cloud native infrastructure so you can ensure that what you develop and deploy stays secure through production.

malicious network and host alerts with ThreatStryker
ThreatStryker runtime alert classes
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Instantly protect your cloud native applications and infrastructure with a best-in-class security observability solution

Deepfence Cloud offers cloud native security observability without the need for in-house expertise or dedicated staff.

Deepfence Cloud combines ThreatStyker’s best-in-class security observability with streamlined delivery, making it easier than ever to protect your entire cloud estate.

Key features


Scan build artifacts for vulnerabilities during Continuous Integration

Scan container registries for vulnerable containers before deployment

Scan production environments for host, container and application vulnerabilities


Scan hosts and containers to identify opportunities to harden configuration and security

Evaluate compliance against community and industry standard benchmarks


Real-time discovery and visualization of applications in production

Topology mapping for interconnected, microservice applications

Continuous scanning of production to identify newly-published vulnerabilities


Capture selected network traffic, decrypting TLS, to identify “Indicators of Attack”

Capture “Indicators of Compromise” process and filesystem events from hosts and containers

Classify traffic and events against threat feeds and attack models

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Classification of vulnerabilities based on CVSS scores

Ranking of vulnerabilities based on exploitability and proximity to attack surface

Single-page view of “What to Fix First” to reduce exposure to risk-of-exploit quickly

Alert on Attack

Advanced correlation engine to identify attack attempts in-progress

Attack modeling, from recon through spread to exfiltration

Forensic analysis of signals and indicators across long time windows


Automatic quarantine of compromised workloads in event of compromise

Automatic, targeted firewalling of attack traffic in the event of indicators of attack

Fine-grained control based on attacker behavior and compliance policies


CI/CD Integration to raise build failures to Development

Fine-grained production notification, supporting multiple apps and teams

Support for Slack, PagerDuty, Teams, Jira, Splunk, ElasticSearch, SumoLogic, and more

Seamlessly integrates with…

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