Job Description: Deepfence Community Leader

Could you be Deepfence’s Community Leader?

– Do you care about application security, and are you concerned about the impact of breaches on friends, family, colleagues, and the wider community?

– Do you agree that good security measures should be freely accessible to all application developers and operations teams, so there’s no reason not to make applications as secure as possible?

– Do you know (or can you learn) the nuances of security for cloud native applications, and are you comfortable talking with end users of security solutions?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, and you have a drive to encourage and educate a community, then Deepfence’s Community Leader role might be for you!

What Is Deepfence ThreatMapper?

Deepfence ThreatMapper is a successful open source project that discovers potential exploits in applications and production infrastructure spanning Kubernetes, serverless, Docker, VM, and bare metal.

ThreatMapper first discovers applications, hosts and services, and observes network traffic to learn the attack surface. ThreatMapper then scans the discovered infrastructure for potentially vulnerable components, secrets, and misconfigurations. Finally, ThreatMapper considers the potential vulnerabilities based on severity and proximity to the attack surface in order to build a ‘risk-of-exploit’ rank for the vulnerabilities.

With this information, AppSec or DevSecOps teams can identify which of the thousands of potential vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk, so they know exactly what to fix first.

The Community Leader Role

Deepfence is looking to recruit a Community Leader to help drive the adoption of ThreatMapper open source and encourage a growing community of users.

This is a senior position, where you will draw on your past experience and understanding of the user base to build and execute an appropriate strategy for growth. You will have the opportunity to define and implement many aspects of this job, which may include:

– Defining and tracking metrics to identify trends and measure success

– One-to-some communication – conferences, webinars, meetups

– One-to-many communication – blogs, technical content – anything that helps users make the most of Deepfence solutions

– Fostering individual end user relationships and leveraging these for market feedback, conference speakers, use case, and references

– Monitoring and responding in online communities – StackOverflow, Reddit, Deepfence Slack – wherever our users might be found

In this role, you will further develop your open source and security expertise. As the Community Leader, you will be empowered to work with Deepfence’s Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams, influencing the roadmap and messaging for our open source projects.

We will know the Community Leader has been successful in their role when the Deepfence Community takes on a life of its own, with active, engaged users and independent contributions.

How to Apply

To find out more about this role, please get in touch via email. Please note: we do not accept applications from agencies without prior agreement.