The Importance of CNAPP in Cloud Security and Key Differences Between Platforms

With the blistering adoption of the cloud, combined with increased complexity due to multi-hybrid and SaaS architecture, and the exploding use of containers, serverless and other forms of cloud-native architectures, we need new strategies for securing these complex multi and... Read More >

Ryan Smith
Looking Ahead: Cloud Security and Compliance Trends in 2023

As the new year begins, we wanted to highlight a few trends and predictions we believe will be relevant for organizations when it comes to cloud security initiatives, attacks, and compliance in 2023.  2023 CLOUD SECURITY PREDICTIONS First, let’s cover... Read More >

Ryan Smith
Identification and Classification of Crypto-Malware Using ThreatMapper

In addition to classifying malware, the sensors deployed as a part of ThreatMapper provide useful runtime context, which is used to automatically prioritize the malware that needs immediate attention.... Read More >

Shyam Krishnaswamy
ThreatMapper Integrates with AWS Security Hub for Improved Security Observability

We're excited to announce a new integration with AWS Security Hub at the 2022 AWS:ReInvent conference.... Read More >

Shyam Krishnaswamy
Deepfence Open Source Community Update – August 2022

We’ve seen some tremendous momentum since our last open source community update and are excited to share our most recent milestones. Recapping the launch of ThreatMapper 1.4 Last week we joined the security community at Black Hat, one of the... Read More >

Emily McAuliffe