Deepfence was founded in 2017 with a mission to bring fundamental advances to the field of application security. At Deepfence, we are not trying to shoehorn conventional security for modern paradigms, we are building it ground up. Our ‘Security as Microservice’ solution radically changes the way containers and cloud workloads are protected, and is native to the modern application and infrastructure paradigms.



Deepfence team brings together deep expertise in the areas of application & network security, program analysis, machine learning, virtualization and networking with years of experience in industry and academia.

Sandeep Lahane

Co-founder & CEO

Shyam Krishnaswamy

Co-founder & VP Product Engineering

Dr. Swarup Kumar Sahoo

Co-founder & Chief Scientist



Jason Martin

Product Advisor

Mallik Mahalingam

Technology Advisor

Michael Feiertag

Product Advisor