Auto-Scale Security

The cloud is fundamentally different from on-premise environments as it allows you to auto scale your deployments. Perimeter based solutions just do not scale at the speed and agility of cloud. Deepfence’s host based approach scales with your cloud and ensures continuous protection for your workloads.

Mixed cloud deployments and dissolving perimeters render purely network centric solutions inadequate. Deepfence bridges this semantic gap by inspecting network traffic for each host and correlating it with behavior of running workloads.

Cloud Intrusion Prevention

Deepfence provides protection against the entire gamut of application layer attacks. In addition to deep inspection of network traffic, Deepfence also monitors integrity of host and container file systems, running processes and resource access patterns to detect zero day attacks.


Lateral Movement

Deepfence monitors and deeply inspects east-west traffic amongst all cloud workloads including containers and natively running services. This helps in detection and protection against lateral movement of attacks and insider threats.


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