Threat Mapping for Windows Containers

In the last few posts, we described how to install the Deepfence community edition i.e., ThreatMapper, and use it for run-time threat mapping for containers and hosts. In this article, we will use ThreatMapper to scan Windows container images hosted... Read More >

Shyam Krishnaswamy
Use case — Runtime Threat Mapping for GKE using Deepfence ThreatMapper

You can use Deepfence ThreatMapper to visualize and scan unlimited number of hosts, containers and pods at runtime as well as container images out of container registries, as part of CI/CD pipelines. In last few articles, we had described how to install... Read More >

Ramanan Ravikumar
Use case — Runtime Threat Mapping for AKS using Deepfence ThreatMapper

Last month we had described how to install Deepfence community edition i.e. ThreatMapper on AWS ECS, and use it for vulnerability scanning of hosts and containers. Last week, we also removed all node and usage restrictions from Deepfence ThreatMapper; now you can visualize and... Read More >

Shyam Krishnaswamy
Exploitability Vs Vulnerability — Leveraging Exploitability for Vulnerability Management

Modern cloud native applications are complex and have a lot of dependencies on external libraries including open source components with many known vulnerabilities. Managing and fixing a large number of vulnerabilities in multiple components is a tedious job. Adoption of... Read More >

Dr. Swarup Kumar Sahoo
Use Case – Runtime Threat Mapping for Amazon ECS Using Deepfence ThreatMapper

Recently we released ThreatMapper, a subset of the Deepfence cloud native workload protection platform, completely free for community use with no upgrade obligations. This is not just another ordinary command line scanner! ThreatMapper is an enterprise grade feature set of... Read More >

Sandeep Lahane