Observability and Security of AWS Fargate Serverless Deployments

Serverless computing solutions like AWS Fargate are in widespread use now-a-days due to their various advantages like scalability, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and more. With traditional VMs, users have to manage both the applications and the infrastructure. Users also need to provision... Read More >

Dr. Swarup Kumar Sahoo
Milestone: Announcing our 9.5M series A!

I’m super excited to announce that we have raised $9.5M Series A, led by cyber security powerhouse Allegis Cyber. Sonae IM, a cyber & infrastructure focused investment fund based in Europe with a global mandate participated along with our pre-seed investor Chiratae Ventures,... Read More >

Sandeep Lahane
Use case — Runtime Threat Mapping for Bottlerocket containers using Deepfence ThreatMapper

You can use Deepfence ThreatMapper to visualize and scan unlimited number of hosts, containers, and pods at runtime as well as container images out of container registries, as part of CI/CD pipelines. In last few articles, we described how to install Deepfence... Read More >

Dr. Swarup Kumar Sahoo
Automating Threat Mapping for Multicloud Environments

As enterprises adopt to micro-services and cloud based architecture, they are slowly moving from a single cloud deployment to a multicloud deployment involving a mixture of private and public cloud platforms. Multicloud deployments will accelerate in the future due to... Read More >

Dr. Swarup Kumar Sahoo
Threat Mapping for Windows Containers

In the last few posts, we described how to install the Deepfence community edition i.e., ThreatMapper, and use it for run-time threat mapping for containers and hosts. In this article, we will use ThreatMapper to scan Windows container images hosted... Read More >

Shyam Krishnaswamy