Network Traffic Observability: Three PacketStreamer Use Cases

A few weeks ago, we announced a new open source project called PacketStreamer, which provides a simple, lightweight, scalable technique for capturing and streaming packets from virtualized environments (K8s, VMs, AWS Fargate) and across multiple clouds. PacketStreamer has generated lots... Read More >

Shyam Krishnaswamy
Agent and Agentless: A Comprehensive Approach to Security

There are two common approaches to security observability, vulnerability management, and workload protection: agent and agentless. We often hear from our customers and partners, “How do they compare? Which one does Deepfence use? Which way should I go?” The industry... Read More >

Jamie Gale
Deepfence Open Source Community Update — April 2022

Application security is a public good. Everyone benefits from building, operating, and using applications that are more secure. That principle led us to open source ThreatMapper in October 2021. Since the initial release, we’ve added many more capabilities to ThreatMapper,... Read More >

Owen Garrett
Introducing PacketStreamer: Distributed Packet Capture for Cloud Native Platforms

PacketStreamer is an open source tool that captures network traffic from multiple remote sources concurrently and aggregates the data into a single pcap log file. It is written in golang and supports network capture from Kubernetes nodes, Docker hosts, and bare-metal/virtual-machine... Read More >

Owen Garrett
Deepfence: 3 Reasons Why I am Excited about Building the Future of Cloud Native Security

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Writing by Ryan, the personal blog of Deepfence’s Head of Strategic Solutions. We’ve crossposted Ryan’s blog here to share with the Deepfence community. Recently I decided to leave my previous job of... Read More >

Ryan Smith