ThreatMapper Integrates Steampipe to Enhance Security Observability

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Steampipe’s blog. Deepfence is excited that two of the fastest growing open source projects, ThreatMapper and Steampipe, were able to partner together to offer deep observability for the open source community’s cloud native... Read More >

Ryan Smith
Introducing the Shared Security Model for Cloud Native

Launching ThreatMapper 1.4: A framework for defense against the evolving threat landscape – built by the community, for the community When public clouds first came into existence, cloud providers had to educate organizations using their products and services about the... Read More >

Sandeep Lahane
Deepfence at Black Hat 2022

We’re heading to Black Hat USA 2022, and if you are too – let’s meet! We’d love to show you the exciting new features in open source ThreatMapper and how Deepfence can protect your entire cloud native continuum of Kubernetes,... Read More >

Emily McAuliffe
Aya: your tRusty eBPF companion

Aya is a library that makes it possible to write eBPF programs fully in Rust and is focused on providing an experience that is as friendly as possible for developers. In this post we are going to explain what eBPF... Read More >

Michal Rostecki and Thomas Legris
Securing the Future: Helping Companies Innovate at the Edge

Innovating at the Edge and the Constraints of Traditional IT Security As companies are undergoing the metamorphosis of digital transformation in today’s era of cloud computing, they are often using technologies at the razor’s edge (pun very much intended) of... Read More >

Ryan Smith and Ron Lev