Securing the Future: Helping Companies Innovate at the Edge

Innovating at the Edge and the Constraints of Traditional IT Security As companies are undergoing the metamorphosis of digital transformation in today’s era of cloud computing, they are often using technologies at the razor’s edge (pun very much intended) of... Read More >

Ryan Smith and Ron Lev
Security Observability: The Missing Link in Your Cloud Native Security Toolset

The cybersecurity industry is a complex landscape populated by many different tools that solve many different problems: managing vulnerabilities, preventing misconfigurations, protecting workloads, detecting ransomware, and so on. For these known issues, there are many widely available solutions. But what... Read More >

Jamie Gale
Introducing YaRadare

Deepfence YaRadare (“Ya-Radar”) scans container images, running Docker containers, and filesystems to find indicators of malware. It uses a YARA ruleset to identify resources that match known malware signatures, and may indicate that the container or filesystem has been compromised.... Read More >

Owen Garrett
Deepfence FAQ – June 2022

Welcome to our first FAQ blog post where we recap popular questions we’ve received along with the answers to them. What is the inspiration for this particular post? While on the road recently, at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, as well... Read More >

Jamie Gale
Deepfence and Lightstream Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Runtime Security for Enterprises Globally

Powered by Deepfence and delivered by Lightstream, new managed runtime security program enables customers to stay ahead of attackers Deepfence, a pioneer in the emerging security observability and protection space, today announced a strategic partnership with Lightstream, a managed security... Read More >

Michelle Brinich